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About Kimberly

                            This is my 'I'm thinking about something' face.                                No matter where I'm at, I'm in continuous                                         thought. As a Marine brat, I've traveled the
                             world but grew up mostly in Hawaii, Japan,                                     and Northern Virginia. My father's duty                                           stations took us to various places. From                                           Okinawa, Japan, to the east coast, my life                                          experience is where I draw inspiration.
My husband and I have been married for twenty-two years, and we have an amazing nineteen-year-old son and a rescue pup. We all reside in Oklahoma and strive for as many fun things as possible, like horseback riding, road trips, concerts, and more. Even with a pandemic, travel is still a key part of our life.
A huge thank you to all my faithful readers. I became an Indie Author before it was a 'thing.' After being traditionally published in 2008, I had a horrible experience with my publisher and parted ways, making me think 'there had to be a better way.' Hence - publishing my books - my way. I learned some lessons the hard way, but it helped me craft my writing as I stumbled through a new process solo.
Today, Indie Authors have a huge support network with social media, writing networks, clubs, and more. We, self-pubbed authors, back in the day had to fight the stereotype that those who couldn't get published the traditional way weren't good enough. Now, authors are jumping ship because of the autonomy and cool factor of being an 'Indie Author.' I'd like to think I was ahead of my time.
I always tell readers to start with my SPIRITUAL GIFTS SERIES as that's where I finally started to come into my own, and while the Forgiveness Series was my 'figuring it out' phase, don't count those books out. They're still a big part of who I was as a writer in a time when there was little to no support. 
Thank you so much for stopping by!! Read on for a little about me, my scripts/film journey, and my books.

Kimberly's first book, Finding Kylie, was published in 2008. It received numerous positive reviews and was converted into a screenplay, with award-winning film producer John Schwab. Kimberly was signed with a film agent for four of her original scripts, but since started on a different path the 'Brat Legacy Fims' as a writer and director. Kimberly is also an OU writing instructor.
In total, Kimberly has released nine books. The first four are part of the Forgiveness Series (Finding Kylie, Facing Redemption, Coming Home & Saving Grace) and she has a stand-alone book (Second Chances). The Spiritual Gift Series is her second and best set, which includes Endless Possibilities, Dangerous Visions, Blind Instincts, & Interlaced Souls. Currently, she's working on three other books, two fictional storylines, and a non-fiction devotional.  
Learn more about Kimberly's books or her film project on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Make sure to like or follow while you're there!  If you've ever read her work and enjoyed it, leave a review either on Amazon, Goodreads, or whichever online retailer you purchased your book from.  
Positive reviews are how other readers find her work.  Thank you!



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