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As an author and a busy mom, I understand time is a precious commodity. That's why I write quick page-turners. Any of the below books are excellent choices to curl up in your favorite chair or take on vacation.


Order any of the books, and keep an eye out for new novels on the horizon by clicking the 'Coming Soon' section on this site. 


Endless Possibilities


After the tragic loss of her husband, Alexis Mathers packs up her clairvoyant, seven-year-old daughter and heads home to find her grandmother, Evelyn Bozeman, has died in a mysterious accident. As Evelyn's life was an enigma before her marriage into the Bozeman family, Alexis makes it her sole mission to discover more about her grandmother's secretive past.

Although Tyler Jameson grew up on a neighboring ranch, he was a staple on the Bozeman farm, where he, Alexis, and her brother were constant companions - until the day they weren't. His appreciation for Alexis always stopped short of flirting, but now that she's back in town, she's more of a distraction than he could ever imagine.

Before they realize it, Evelyn's secrets draw them into a power struggle with a family from Evelyn's past. A family that will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried, even if that means taking more lives.

See what happens when Alexis and Tyler are reintroduced after life has molded them into perfect partners, whether they know it or not. Read along to learn how a little heavenly help via a deceased grandmother, helps give them a push. And, find out if Evelyn can protect her granddaughter from the wheels she put in motion before it's too late?

The cover for Endless Possibilities



After awakening from a coma, Agent Anderson Evans struggles to see things clearly as visions plague him throughout the day. The only way to distance himself from his premonitions is to ride cross-country, where he is free from the intermittent flashes that appear from the occasional touch in the crowd. If only he could avoid the recurring vision of a woman struggling to survive, but she haunts him as if calling to him.

Savannah Miles never expected that by taking on another bridal client, she’d be signing her death warrant. She soon finds herself caught up in an elaborate underworld that has her fleeing for her life in the dark of night. After barely escaping with her life, Savannah calls her cousin for help, who arranges for a bodyguard. Only she didn’t expect anyone like Anderson and didn’t have a clue that the two of them would be in over their heads.

Could Anderson’s visions become the divine intervention they need to overcome the curse in their lives? Or will the pair run out of luck, out of time, and find themselves at a dead-end?
Sam, a single mom of two, knew her actions could come back to haunt her one day. When a family friend passes away, leaving her a handful of cottages, she never imagined that dating her ex was part of the package, nor did she expect to fall head over heels from a roof into his arms, knocking him unconscious.

When Danny wakes up in the hospital without his memory, the only thing he can rely on is his intuition. And while his instincts scream that Sam is the key to unlocking his past, she seems to want nothing to do with him. How can he convince her he’s a safe bet when he’s unable to recall anything?

Will this single mom be able to answer for her sins now that she has more on the line than just her heart? Follow Danny and Sam’s journey to see if they can test the sands of time, revive a heart full of hurt, and race the clock to uncover their history before they lose more than they bargained.


Bonnie Mathis, a compassionate, single mom, is too busy running a ranch and herself ragged to consider love. Between managing her empathic impulses, taking care of a special-needs child, and handling her ex, she’s got her plate full. Yet, when she senses a stranger’s heartache from across a crowded room, her soul reacts whether she planned for it or not.
After a tragic accident, Jon Minton is looking for a fresh start. When he throws a dart at a map, and it lands on the town of Purity, deep in the heart of Texas, he hops in his truck and leaves his life and career in the rearview mirror. His grief-torn spirit leaves him unable to sleep, second-guessing himself, and questioning his life. That is until he sees Bonnie for the first time. Follow Bonnie and Jon as they collide, making waves so massive that it could cost them dearly.
When their souls intertwine in dreams, will they discover the key to beating the odds in both their lives? Will Jon be able to save her from the crosshairs of an imbalanced stalker, who will stop at nothing to have her?




Finding Kylie
Book 1 in The Forgiveness Series


What if, after laying your mother to rest, you discover her secretive past in a set of hidden journals?  What if you found a father you thought was dead but was indeed very much alive?

Twenty-five-year-old Chastity searches through her mother's belongings to find any shred of evidence that leads to her father. A man she'd always thought was out there somewhere. When she uncovers a sordid truth about him in a hidden journal, she's left to grieve the loss of her mother and the notion of a father.


With the help of her mother's best friend, Cheryl, and Timothy, the handsome attorney hired before her mother's death, Chastity sorts her way through her new-found family ties, a mysterious inheritance, and the costs that come with it.

Facing Redemption 
Book 2 in The Forgiveness Series

What if you had done something so unimaginable it seemed you were beyond forgiveness?


John Mikale, a man with a checkered reputation, is haunted by cryptic dreams and unable to shake his guilt for the pain he's inflicted or how it's affected his daughter, Chastity, and so many others in its wake. John strives to make up for lost time by writing Chastity letters, hoping to bridge the gap. It's the only way he knows to release his past and heal both their wounds. But how can he expect forgiveness when he can't begin to forgive himself for what he did to the mother of his first child?


Chastity Wayne, finally free from her mother's past, is ready to move on with life. On the verge of a great relationship and a burgeoning art career, she's sucked into her family saga as she breaks her promise never to read her father's letters. From the moment the first envelope is opened, the emotional freedom she's tried so hard to find is reclaimed word-by-word. 

Facing Redemption is a dual storyline that follows the path of an unwanted father and daughter's journey through a trail of self-awareness and survival. It is also a continuance of the many unanswered questions from Finding Kylie, book one in this series.


Anne LaSal was ready for a change. Estranged from her family and disheartened after her best friend’s wedding, she felt like she was coasting through life without a plan of her own. So, when a friend nominates her for a reality dating show, she concedes. Although a skeptic, Anne is ready for her adventure. What could be better than an all-expenses-paid trip into the lap of luxury? What Anne doesn’t expect is that the bachelor onset is none other than her television crush - actor, Chad Chambers. 
Chad Chambers doesn‘t easily fit the Hollywood mold, but that’s what makes him so sought after - as his rugged good looks and southern charm have made most of America fall in love. He’s agreed to being the new love interest on ‘Broadcast Affair’ as his agent said it would open more doors for his career. However, he secretly wishes to connect with a nice girl ... someone normal ... someone like Anne LaSal. 
When their two worlds collide, it is instant chemistry for both, however, will Anne’s family drama ruin the beginning of something beautiful?




Coming Home

Book 3 in The Forgiveness Series





Saving Grace

Book 4 in The Forgiveness Series


Grace Aundine, a beautiful socialite and member of one of the most notable families on the east coast, hasn’t known real love since her parents' death.  


Controlled by her grandmother, betrayed by her boyfriend, and abandoned by her sister, Anne, Grace is on the run and in hiding from her family and the world. 


Nathan Burkette just wanted to escape. He knew all too well about being betrayed by the ones you love. After leaving the military - Burke chose a solitary life on Oahu, where, he thought, no one would bother him ... until Grace showed up on his beach ... alone, battered, and looking like she could jump out of her skin.  


Burke tried to leave Grace to her own devices as she sat on the sandy shores behind his home, but fate intervenes. Before either know it - they are falling in love and onto a dangerous path that leads straight into Grace’s past. 


Will he save her in time?



Where sweet meets spice


Second Chances





Recently divorced Paige Knight is struggling as the shadows of her broken marriage appear around every corner. It’s an insult on top of injury when she realizes that her ex has not only left her practically penniless but for a woman half her age. At the urging of her family, Paige decides to move home to Granite, Virginia, where at 42, she’s left with the challenge of reinventing herself. 
In one short month, former pro-football player Nick Granger finds himself retired, divorced, and living the life of a single dad. After moving home to Granite, Nick balances a high school coaching career with being a single father. Yet, he soon realizes his teenage daughter will need the guidance of a good woman as she matures. Between making sure his daughter has everything she needs and rehabilitating after his career-ending injury, Nick doesn’t have time for love.
As both Paige and Nick accept living life with the status quo, will they dare take a chance on love when they run into one another, where they shared their glory years? Or will their exes spoil any possibility of a happy reunion?




Princess Shaya has waited her entire life to rule, so when her father's health dwindles, she's devastated to learn a surface dweller has been transported to the CORTEX and is being held captive to transition into power.


When Tom and his family are kidnapped below the deep only to find out that the throne is his destiny, how can he save his family without severing the ties that bind? Can joining forces with the Princess save them all from the King's demented plan to see his legacy live on?









If you don't know about Kindle's VELLA program yet, let me fill you in.

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Simply click the button above, and you'll find yourself at the link for Amazon's Vella platform where you can read The Cortex. The first three episodes (chapters) are FREE! Afterward, you can purchase tokens for a few dollars, which will open new episodes. 

As you unlock the episodes, you have the chance to 'LIKE' them and read notes from me at the end. Feel free to leave me feedback via my email. This is my first stab at a new genre, and I'd love your feedback!


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