Coming in 2021



Bonnie Mathis, a compassionate, single mom, is too busy running a ranch and herself ragged to consider love. Between managing her empathic impulses, taking care of a special-needs child, and handling her ex, she’s got her plate full. Yet, when she senses a stranger’s heartache from across a crowded room, her soul reacts whether she planned for it or not.

After a tragic accident, Jon Minton is looking for a fresh start. When he throws a dart at a map, and it lands on the town of Purity, deep in the heart of Texas, he hops in his truck and leaves his life and career in the rearview mirror. His grief-torn spirit leaves him unable to sleep, second-guessing himself, and questioning his life. That is until he sees Bonnie for the first time.


Follow Bonnie and Jon as they collide, making waves so massive that it could cost them dearly. When their souls intertwine in dreams, will they discover the key to beating the odds in both their lives? Will Jon be able to save her from the crosshairs of an imbalanced stalker, who will stop at nothing to have her?