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Miss Fortune

It was supposed to be a routine mission, but one woman changed everything he ever knew about the game.

Dallas "Mack" McKenzie may have been at the spy game a long time but has never seen anything like a woman falling from a third-story balcony only to land safely on her feet. Rescuing a damsel in distress is hard when she gets the drop on you and slips through your fingers into the wind.

Emily Wú has planned her revenge on the man who killed her parents for over 20 years, but what she didn't plan on was kissing a stranger before running into the night. Now, not only is she hunted by the notorious 'Archer' who she vows will suffer for taking the lives of her loved ones but she's being tracked by a relentless spy who is convinced she the key to solving a puzzle she wants nothing to do with. If only she could forget about his kiss.



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