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Book 3 in The Spiritual Gifts Series

Sam, a single mom of two, knew her actions could come back to haunt her. When a family friend passes away, leaving her a handful of cottages, she never imagined that dating her ex was part of the package, nor did she expect to fall head over heels from a roof into his arms, knocking him unconscious.


When Danny wakes up in the hospital without a clue who he is, the only thing he can rely on is his intuition. And while his instincts scream that Sam is the key to unlocking his past, she seems to want nothing to do with him. How can he convince her he’s a safe bet when he’s unable to recall anything from their past?


Will this single mom be able to answer for her sins now that she has more on the line than just her heart? Follow Danny and Sam’s journey to see if they can test the sands of time, revive a heart full of hurt, and race the clock to uncover their history before they lose more than they bargained.