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Miss Fortune


It was supposed to be a routine break-in, but one agent changed everything she knew about the game of cat and mouse.


Emily Yang calculated every detail to avenge her parent's murder. All she has to do is steal her family heirlooms from The Archer, lure him into her trap, and get a confession. And it was all going according to plan until an FBI agent caught her in the act, leaving her no option but to distract him and escape. Now, she's being hunted by a ruthless criminal who will stop at nothing to find her and a relentless agent who is convinced she's the key to solving a puzzle she wants nothing to do with. 


Dallas "Mack" McKenzie may have been at the spy game a long time but has never seen anything like a woman falling from a third-story balcony only to land safely on her feet, transforming from a black catsuit into a formal gown in one fell swoop. Was she a quick-change artist or a cat burglar? Either way, questioning her should have been routine until she kisses him, gets the drop on him, and slips through his fingers into the wind. His gut screams that she is the key to putting The Archer away for good. If only he could forget about her kiss.

Will Emily disappear into the shadows and still be able to enact her revenge, or will she be trapped with two determined men hunting her at every turn?


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