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Happy New Year

As we all turn to look behind us in retrospect - we'll find motivation for what we could do better and satisfaction for things well done. As I look to 2014, it's hard to believe how fast it flew by. Is is just me - or did you blink only to find it was December?

Some of the things I faced this year were tough, as with any of our lives. We stumble and fall, but we also rise above. There were some great highlights to my year as well, and if you're reading this than you were part of the highlights of my year.

I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for all your support for Coming Home, and all my other stories, which are close to my heart. For every email I received from you and every photo, I a thankful.

I wish you a very blessed New Year, full of memories that will make you smile in retrospect.

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