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Have you heard of the VELLA?

Amazon has created a serial reading component to their site called Kindle Vella. Think Netflix for readers!

While you can use your Kindle reader, it's also easy to read on a Kindle app on your phone or on your desktop. Authors are trying out this new platform, releasing new episodes (or chapters) every so often, keeping readers hooked - waiting for the next installment.

I tried my hand at a new genre to see if I liked the concept, and while I've found I'm not sure I have the time to dedicate to installing a new episode as often as I like, it's been fun seeing how it works.

So, here's how it works for readers.

Go to the link below to see my fantasy/sci-fi story, 'The Cortex.' There you can buy tokens. You can buy 100 or more for as little as a couple of dollars. Each episode varies on how many tokens it takes to unlock it. Once you read an episode, you have the chance to LIKE it, much like a Facebook post. It helps authors know if they're doing a good job. AND your first 3 episodes are FREE.

If you're not interested after the first three episodes, no need to buy tokens. If you are, it's a very minimal investment to read more. At the end of the week, Amazon gives you a chance to bestow a CROWN to your favorite VELLA of the week. Having a crown is a huge honor.

So, if you're interested - read my first three episodes for FREE at

You can read a bit about it here:

Princess Shaya has waited her entire life to rule, so when her father's health dwindles, she's devastated to learn a surface dweller has been transported to the CORTEX and is being held captive to transition into power. When Tom and his family are kidnapped below the deep only to find out that the throne is his destiny, how can he save his family without severing the ties that bind? Can joining forces with the Princess save them all from the King's demented plan to see his legacy live on?

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