Check out our Kick Starter for Finding Kylie

July 17, 2015

For those of you who love my books, and are looking

forward to the hard read, for Finding Kylie,

becoming a reality - I've launched a kickstarter 



All John Schwab, my writing partner, and I need are

a handful of friends to support us with a few ones or


fives. In his words, "We just need a few pals to 

support as if buying us couple drinks ... that's not 



It's true! We don't need much, but it will take a bunch of you to donate a little - and every bit means the world to 

us as we've worked so very hard to make this hard 

read a reality.

Just click the link below to read about our project.  

We only need 2K and have until September to raise it 

- but need everyone's help to make it happen.  We've 

got a few prizes tied to certain donation levels.  

To check it out - just click on the image above!

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