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Check out our Kick Starter for Finding Kylie

For those of you who love my books, and are looking

forward to the hard read, for Finding Kylie,

becoming a reality - I've launched a kickstarter


All John Schwab, my writing partner, and I need are

a handful of friends to support us with a few ones or

fives. In his words, "We just need a few pals to

support as if buying us couple drinks ... that's not


It's true! We don't need much, but it will take a bunch of you to donate a little - and every bit means the world to

us as we've worked so very hard to make this hard

read a reality.

Just click the link below to read about our project.

We only need 2K and have until September to raise it

- but need everyone's help to make it happen. We've

got a few prizes tied to certain donation levels.

To check it out - just click on the image above!

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