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The Journey Behind the Script

Photo: taken with the set designer for reading of FINDING KYLIE. The actors have been cast and on this day we were discussing the direction with the cast.

So what is the hard read all about? Well it starts with the very beginnig ...

Everyone has a 'what if' in life.

Author, Kimberly McKay, took hers, put it paper, and unfolded a family saga that has left her readers in awe. FINDING KYLIE is a dual storyline that gently segues between past and present, following two women, weaving a tale about the ultimate love of a mother for a child, and how far a mother would go to keep her daughter safe.

After the release of Kimberly's first book, FINDING KYLIE, film producer and friend, John Schwab, reached out in efforts to convince Kimberly to allow permission to convert the book to a script. Over the last six years they've adapted the novel into a 3-part miniseries. The script has been worked and has gained a lot of ground, but the stars hadn't aligned until just recently for a monumental step in their journey, which is the hard read for their script.

Recently, Kim and John have had an opportunity present itself for Finding Kylie. This upcoming school year, a nationally known drama department is making room within their packed school schedule to perform a what's called a hard read. It's a set and full cast to workshop the script with costume and visuals.

This will allow John & Kim the means to listen to their script develop and ensure it will have the time needed to grow during the extensive workshop. Once this stage is complete and edits are done (as changes will most likely come up with this amazing drama department's input), they will have video clips for PR purposes - and a final product to hit the film market with.

With John's accomplishments in the film industry as an actor, producer and award-winning film director he has the right contacts to reach out to after this important step in the life of the script. This is why Kim and John have taken large strides to make this workshop happen and make this script the best it can possibly be.

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