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Meet the Cast of Finding Kylie

So we finally finished the read for Finding Kylie and I have to say a part of me wants to go back and do it again. It was amazing seeing how invested each actor was in thier part. They each brought charactersistics and traits to their character that brought them alive. To see what I've written in book and then screenplay format come alive before my eyes is something I'll never forget.

The purpose of this was to see what worked off paper and what needed finessing. Call it a finall editing session so we, John and I, would know what needed to change or be enhanced. As the third and final act came together, we bust out the sparkling cider for a toast to their brilliance and the success of the project.

Now that we have some edits in mind, we plan to take the next few months or however long it takes to finalize our script before shopping it. As John is accredited at Cannes, he has a lot of contacts, some of whom he's already been in contact with. We have some strong prospects and have high expectations for the script.

Stay posted!

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