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Pre-Order Second Chances

As of yesterday, Amazon allows you to pre-order your kindle copy of Second Chances, which will release January 15th, 2016. The link, if needed, is:

Get ready for a whole new set of characters with Paige Knight and her high school crush, Nick Granger. Below, you'll find the synopsis.

Recently divorced Paige Knight is struggling as the shadows of her broken marriage appear around every corner. It’s insult on top injury when she realizes that her ex, not only left her practically penniless but also for a woman half her age. At the urging of her family, Paige decides to move home to Granite, Virginia, where at 42, she’s left with the challenge of reinventing herself. Although her future is uncertain, she's not afraid to step out in faith and take chances in her life, but she’s she’s convinced that love won't be an option. After a knee injury, Nick Granger, a professional football player, lost his career and wife in the same week. In one short month, he finds himself retired, divorced and living the life of a single dad. After moving back home to Granite, Nick slowly manages to balance his new high school coaching career while being a single father, but begrudgingly accepts the fact that his teenage daughter, Katie, will need the guidance of a good woman as she matures. Caught between making sure she has everything she needs and rehabilitating after his career ending injury, Nick doesn’t have time for love even if he were open to it. As both Paige and Nick accept living life with status quo, will they dare take a chance on love when they run into one another, where they shared their glory years? Or will their ex’s spoil any chance of a happy reunion?

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